Ocean Sciences Meeting 2014, Hawaii

List of SFB754 participants giving oral or poster presentations


TP Name Title Session Date/Time
A1 (A3) Donata Banyte Ventilation of the eastern tropical Atlantic oxygen minimum zone by mesoscale eddy stirring and tropical zonal jets. 058 26-Feb 12:00-12:15
A4 Henry Bittig Sub-surface production in the Atlantic subtropical gyres - how biogeochemical floats yield estimates of the O2 and NO3 cycle on sub-annual scales. 085 24-Feb 9:45-10:00
A4 Johannes Hahn Oxygen variance and meridional oxygen supply in the tropical north east Atlantic oxygen minimum zone. 159 26-Feb 15:15-15:30
A7 Sascha Flögel Biogeochemical cycling during cretaceous oceanic anoxic events. 063 27-Feb 14:00-14:15
A8 Marcus Dengler Upper ocean mixing observations during tace: mixing processes in the equatorial Atlantic vs. Pacific. 159 26-Feb 14:30-14:45
B1 Chris Somes The influence of non-redfield dissolved organic matter cycling on the global oceanic fixed nitrogen budget. 008 25-Feb 15:30-15:45
B4 Damian Arevalo Nitrous oxide in the eastern tropical south pacific ocean. 043 24-Feb 14:00-14:15
B4 Annette Kock Hydroxylamine as a tracer for nitrification in marine environments. 125 24-Feb 12:00-12:15
B4 Carolin Löscher Biogeochemical controls on the marine nitrogen cycle in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru. 111 25-Feb 14:15-14:30
B4 Sven Neulinger An integrated view on microbial communities of the eastern tropical south pacific oxygen minimum zone. 111 25-Feb 15:15-15:30
B6 Jessica Gier Microbial benthic nitrogen fixation inside and below the peruvian oxygen minimum zone. 125 24-Feb 09:30-09:45



TP Name Title Session Date/Time
A2 Levin Nickelsen A possible feedback mechanism between surface iron and bottom water oxygen concentrations. 080 27-Feb 16:00-18:00
A2 Olaf Duteil High-resolution model indicates major role of equatorial and off-equatorial undercurrents in setting oxygen levels in the eastern tropical Atlantic ocean. 058 25-Feb 16:00-18:00
A3 Toste Tanhua Recent changes in the ventilation of the mediterranean sea constrained by cfcs, sf6, tritium and he-3 data. 110 24-Feb 16:00-18:00
A4/A5/A8/B9 Johannes Karstensen Dead-zone eddies in the oxygen minimum zone of the tropical eastern north Atlantic ocean. 015 24-Feb 16:00-18:00
A4 Arne Körtzinger Closing Gaps: Investigating Tht Marine Carbon Cycle Using Autonomous Mobile Platforms. 085 24-Feb 16:00-18:00
A5 Patricia Grasse Factors controlling the silicon isotope composition of dissolved silicate and biogenic silica in the Peruvian upwelling. 018 27-Feb 16:00-18:00
A6 Kristin Doering A comparison of stable silicon isotope compositions of biogenic opal and diatom assemblages: a deglacial to holocene record of the Peruvian upwelling. 018 27-Feb 16:00-18:00
B1 David Keller Investigating the role that the southern ocean biological pump plays in determining global ocean oxygen concentrations and deoxygenation. 072 25-Feb 16:00-18:00
B4 Helena Hauss Impact of changes in dissolved nutrients in the eastern tropical North Atlantic: the zooplankton response. 008 25-Feb 16:00-18:00
B5 Ulrike Lomnitz Drivers and mechanisms for high phosphate (tPO4) release rates in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru. 099 26-Feb 16:00-18:00
B5 (associated) Kathrin Wuttig Contrasting behaviour of Cd, Fe and Mn in the eastern tropical Atlantic compared to the eastern tropical Pacific. 080 27-Feb 16:00-18:00
B6 Stefan Sommer Benthic nitrogen cycling across Peruvian oxygen minimum zone surface sediments. 125 24-Feb 16:00-18:00
B8 Rainer Kiko Atlantic equatorial marine snowfall and deep particle maxima. 026 24-Feb 16:00-18:00
B9 Sören Thomsen Meso- and submesoscale variability within the upwelling regime off peru observed by a fleet of gliders. 012 27-Feb 16:00-18:00
B9 Alexandra Loginova Distribution of transparent exopolymer particles in the south east pacific ocean during Meteor (M93) cruise. 084 25-Feb 16:00-18:00
guest Sunke Schmidtko Warming of waters surrounding Antarctica. 072 25-Feb 16:00-18:00