Workshop on carbon and organic matter export and aims on discussing the question: Where is all the carbon going?

One-day workshop on March, 14th (small conference room, GEOMAR westshore).

For further details, have a look at the schedule here.



N2 fixation Workshop 
28th February, Kiel (SFB 754)

Participants discussed oceanic N2-fixation in the tropical Atlantic and the Pacific areas. Findings on diversity of N2-fixers and rate measurements (B4) and benthic N2-fixation results (B1/B6) were presented. B2 members reported on their observations on controls on N2-fixation (mesocosms and bioassays). The major goal of this internal SFB 754 workshop was to understand where the subprojects discovered (high) N2-fixation, what the major controls are and what kind of data is needed to run the different models (among others A2, B1, B2). Furthermore it was aimed to understand the gaps that remained open from the models. The workshop was an initiative by B4 young scientists (C. Löscher, J. Dekaezemacker).

The workshop agenda can be found here.

Nfixation Workshop 
22th February, Granada, Spain

A one-day workshop held on 22 February during the ASLO meeting in Granada, Spain, brought together 45 marine scientists from 11 countries to discuss the "Environmental Controls of marine N2-fixation". Plenary short overview presentations have been followed by an open discussion on research priorities and open questions. The wide range of expertise – from molecular biology to global biogeochemistry and from cell to global scales modelling – stimulated dynamic and cross- disciplinary discussions. The group is currently working towards synthesis review papers to clarify the current state on knowledge and uncertainties, alongside finalising strategies for collaborative research efforts.


pre Ocean Science Meeting (SFB 754)
19th February, Kiel

The SFB 754 financed 25 scientists to participate at the Ocean Science Meeting, which took place at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu from 23-28 February 2014. A test and information run was held 19th February in-house, particularly for the SFB 754 community to inform on on-going research within the SFB 754 und to discuss the latest results and outcomes of their subprojects. 
The workshop agenda can be found here.

The influence of eddies on oxygen minimum zones (SFB 754)
25th - 26th November, Kiel

The workshop explored the influence of mesoscale oceanic structures -so-called eddies- on oxygen minimum zones (OMZ) in the upper ocean. Model results indicate that eddies may be responsible for the maintenance of the OMZ on the poleward side of the OMZs. Eddies are well-known to transport hydrographic and biogeochemical anomalies from the near-shelf region to the open ocean. Since 2008 the SFB 754 conducted several cruises in the eastern tropical Pacific and Atlantic Oceans during which the role of eddies for the hydrography and biogeochemistry were investigated in detail by various SFB 754 subprojects. In this workshop the general knowledge on eddies was reviewed and recent measurements were presented with the aim to gain a comprehensive picture of the complex interplay of the various components of both eddy transport and eddy biogeochemistry. International guest speakers were invited and, moreover, the workshop offered the possibility for the SFB 754 subprojects and other research groups to team up and to work on joint publications.

Invited speakers: Mark Altabet, Chawalit Charoenpong, Peter Croot

Organizers: Lothar Stramma, Hermann Bange, Chris Schelten

The workshop agenda can be found here.



Novel Insight into Redox and Nutrient Cycles in the Ocean (SFB 754)
6th - 7th October, Kiel

The workshop dealt with exploring the potential of biological approaches to address key aspects of biogeochemistry in low oxygen waters. It was technically-oriented and brought experts in microbial processes related to oxygen minimum zones (OMZ) and N-cycling together with experts in areas of modern biology and environmental metagenomics. The workshop aimed to provide "state of the art" information on the topics: (1) The past and future of oceanic oxygen and key questions, (2) OMZ microbial processes and (3) potential and application of environmental metagenomics.

Invited speakers: Rudi Amman, Andy Johnston, Ralph Keeling, Wolfgang Streit, Matthew Sullivan, Klaus Wallmann, John Zehr.

Organizers: Marcel Kuypers, Julie LaRoche, Ruth Schmitz-Streit, Douglas Wallace in collaboration with: Don Canfield, Kirsten Habicht, Bo Thamdrup.

Please download here the list of participants that attended the workshop.