SFB 754 Summer School 2013

18th - 30th August

The SFB 754 organised a summer school for SFB 754 PhD candidates and postdocs. PhD candidates of collaborating working groups were also invited. The summer school took place in Sweden at the field research Station Kristineberg. Kristineberg founded in 1877, one of the oldest marine stations for education and research in the world, is located at the mouth of the Gullmar fjord and offers excellent research conditions with distinct water masses and easy access to coastal habitats and the open sea. The laboratories are well equipped and boats are available for various needs.

R/V Skagerak

During the SFB 754 summer school two cruises were conducted with the R/V Skagerak to take different water and sediment samples. The agenda was divers in the subjects (microbiology, biology, physics, biogeochemistry, chemistry, paleontology, modeling) and speakers. Additionally three guest lecturers were invited: Prof. Per Hall - University of Gothenburg, Prof. Anders Stigebrandt - University of Gothenburg, Prof. Thomas Kiørboe - Technical University of Denmark. 

View of Kristineberg in February 2013 with Lysekil in the back (photo by Dana Hellemann).

The aim of the SFB 754 summer school was to give a good overview of the SFB 754's overarching research questions, to focus on the big picture of the SFB 754 and, hence, get the PhD candidates and postdocs look beyond their PhD thesis and subprojects. As the SFB 754 has an interdisciplinary set-up, the objective was to present from the different research areas to be able to see links between various subprojects and research fields. The summer school was a good opportunity for networking within the SFB 754.

The booklet (incl. course and expedition programm) and the final report of the SFB 754 summer school 2013 can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact:
Dr. Chris Schelten
SFB 754 Scientific Coordinator