Equal Opportunities

In 2016, the SFB 754 finances twelve women in postdoctoral research positions (39%) and three female PhD students (50%) as part of the SFB 754 research community. Three out of eleven members of the executive board are women. In the extended board, the share of women amounts to almost 40%. Seven out of the 18 subprojects are co-lead by female scientists. Furthermore, three highly qualified women are working in science-related fields such as scientific coordination, management and data support.

Despite of the success of the SFB 754 in attracting excellent female scientists, women and men are still not equally represented in our research community. This becomes particularly visible in higher ranking positions. In order to overcome this discrepancy, SFB 754 is committed to support the advancement of women in science and offers several activities in order to fulfil this aim.

For more information on the SFB 754 activites concerning gender measures please have a look here.