SFB 754 Events

The SFB 754 organises different events:

At least one colloquium per months is planned. International renommated scientists who work closely with the SFB 754 or are experts in fields of interest to the SFB 754 community, are invited to give a talk. The colloquia are also used for the subprojetcs to present their progress or discuss interesting research questions within the SFB 754 community. The colloquia are open to anyone interested.

The SFB 754 early career scientists colloquia are mainly organised for the SFB 754 postdocs and PhD candidates. However, everyone interested in the subject is invited to join. During one colloquia there are mainly three SFB 754 early career scientists presenting. 

The young scientists seminars are mainly organised for the SFB 754 PhD candidates and postdocs. However, everyone interested in the subject is invited to join. During one seminar there are mainly two SFB 754 young scientists presenting. Each PhD candidate has to give at least three presentations during hers/his PhD thesis (see also the SFB 754 PhD Programme).

The SFB 754 retreats take place annually at the beginning of the year. Everyone active in the SFB 754 is invited to join to discuss progress and the way forward. Each subproject presents their status and a thematic workshop takes place. Collaborating national and international scientists are invited for input and discussions as well as to plan furture work within the SFB 754 theme.

Special workshops are only irregularly organised. This depends on the needs outside of the regular meetings. Special workshops can only be organised by a principle investigator of an SFB 754 subproject and need to be granted by the SFB 754 board.