SFB 754 Executive Board:

Seven permanent members and two deputy positions have been approved at the first meeting of the SFB 754 members at the start of the second phase of the SFB 754 according to the SFB 754 bylaws.

Name E-mail Subproject(s)
Prof. A. Oschlies aoschlies(a)geomar.de A2 | B1 | Z1
Prof. R. Schneider schneider(a)gpi.uni-kiel.de A6 | Z1
Prof. R. Schmitz-Streit rschmitz(a)ifam.uni-kiel.de B4
Dr. L. Stramma lstramma(a)geomar.de A5 | Z2
Prof. M. Visbeck mvisbeck(a)geomar.de A3
Prof. A. Engel aengel(a)geomar.de B9
Dr. V. Liebetrau vliebetrau(a)geomar.de B7
Prof. U. Riebesell uriebesell(a)geomar.de B2
Prof. J. Lübbecke jluebbecke(a)geomar.de A9-N
Dr. S. Sommer ssommer(a)geomar.de B6
Dr. J. Schönfeld jschoenfeld(a)geomar.de B7