SFB 754 PhD Programme

PhD candidates within the SFB 754 will participate in two complementary PhD programmes:

The SFB 754 PhD programme counts with theme-specific events such as seminars and summer schools. The focus is on the interdisciplinary science and networking of young scientists within the SFB 754. In this programme are included the SFB 754 financed PhD candidates. Interested PhD candidates with other funding sources may apply to join as associates.

To provide the larger framework for doctoral education that includes supplementary training, scientific networking, and multidisciplinary events, the SFB 754 has structurally joined with the central platform for PhD education in Kiel Marine Sciences at the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS). Here, a framework for co-supervision of each PhD candidate with the requirement of regular thesis committee meetings is compulsory. All other aspects of the programme are voluntary.

For SFB 754 financed PhD candidates enrollment in both PhD programmes is compulsory. SFB 754 and ISOS work together closely to ensure that each candidate thus receives an optimal combination of scientific support, a mandatory system of supervision and a range of voluntary events and courses.

For further information on the SFB 754 PhD programme please contact:
Dr. Chris Schelten

SFB 754 Scientific Coordinator
Booklet: SFB 754 Phd Programme

ISOS (Integrated School of Ocean Sciences)
Join the Doctoral Programme of the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences (ISOS) by submitting an application through their website. The ISOS is the central platform for all doctoral candidates in marine sciences from the GEOMAR and the University. It provides an excellent and diverse programme for all-round personal support, ranging from co-supervision to courses, events, financial support and exposure to multidisciplinary marine topics. Here, doctoral candidates also look over their disciplinary horizon and consider career options for after the PhD. Enrollment is a pre-condition to get places in the courses and financial support for travel to conferences, training events and PhD miniproposals. 
Find out more at http://www.futureocean.org/isos.


For information and application to ISOS please contact:
PD Dr. Avan Antia

Head of the Integrated School of Ocean Sciences
ISOS Website


Meet your PhD respresentatives

  • at ISOS, the ISOS PhD representatives bring the interests of all PhDs into governing bodies of the ISOS and the Excellencecluster "The Future Ocean"
  • at GEOMAR,  the DokTeam deals with institutional issues of GEOMAR and Helmholtz