Subproject B10

Iron is an important element for ocean primary productivity and fixation of nitrogen. The supply of iron to the ocean from sediment sources is enhanced in oxygen minimum zones, but the fluxes and mechanisms stabilising and removing iron in these regions are not well known and quantified.
In this project we will determine the iron fluxes and processes affecting iron behaviour on cruises in the Mauretanian and Peruvian shelf regions. Observational and experimental work will address the Fe behaviour.
Fluxes will be quantified using observations of Fe species in association with geochemical tracers (radium), physical observations (advection and turbulence) and modelling efforts, in strong collaboration with subprojects A8, B5 and A2, B1. Understanding the sources and processes affecting iron behaviour in the contemporary ocean will allow us to project iron fluxes in a future ocean under various climate change scenarios.


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