Subprojects 2nd Phase 2012-2015

Subproject Table

For further information on the detailed research of the subprojects 2012-2015 click on the subproject number.


Thematic Area A

"circulation & oxygen"


Simulating the spatio-temporal variability of oxygen minimum zones from the Holocene into the Anthropocene
Prof. B. Schneider
Prof. M. Latif


High resolution modelling of physical-biogeochemical interactionsin the tropical ocean
Prof. C. Böning
Prof. A. Oschlies


Oxygen supply trace release experiment

Dr. T. Tanhua
Prof. M. Visbeck


Trends and variability of oxygen inventory and supply in eastern boundary oxygen minimum zones
Prof. P. Brandt
Prof. A. Körtzinger
Prof. R. Greatbatch


Water mass structure in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean: relationship to oxygen variability and geochemical properties
Dr. L. Stramma
Prof. M. Frank


Influence of centennial to millennial scale climate change on low-latitude oxygen minimum conditions Prof. R. Schneider
Prof. D. Nürnberg
Prof. M. Frank
A7 Unraveling the onset and spread of Cretaceous anoxia Prof. W. Kuhnt
Prof. K. Wallmann
A8 Transport and fluxes across the bottom boundary layer Dr. J. Scholten
Dr. M. Dengler

Thematic Area B

"redox-dependent biogeochemistry"


A  global model of redox-dependent biogeochemical cycles Prof. A. Oschlies
Dr. A. Dale


Photoautotrophic responses to changes in nutrient stoichiometry Prof. U. Riebesell
Dr. M. Pahlow


Sensitivity of biological nitrogen fixation to changes in dissolved oxygen Prof. R. Schmitz-Streit
Prof. J. LaRoche


Nitrogen losses and nutrient regeneration in oxygen minimum zone waters

Prof. R. Schmitz-Streit
Dr. M. Kuypers
PD Dr. H. Bange


Biogeochemical cycling of iron and phosphate under low oxygen conditions
Dr. C. Hensen
Prof. K. Wallmann


Nitrogen turnover and fluxes across the benthic boundary layer under varying redox conditions Prof. T. Treude
Dr. S. Sommer
Prof. C. Dullo


Reconstruction of past oxygenation and redox conditions Dr. J. Schönfeld
Prof. A. Eisenhauer
B8 The role of zooplankton in N-, P- and C- cycling and for the oxygen budget of tropical OMZs Prof. U. Sommer
Prof. F. Melzner
B9 Near-coastal supply of oxygen and dissolved organic matter to the oxygen minimum zone Prof. A. Engel
Prof. T. Kanzow

Iron stabilization and transfer in tropical oxygen minimum zones

Prof. E. Achterberg
Dr. M. Gledhill

Ö SFB Outreach Dr. J. Dengg


Central activities of the collaborative research project
Prof. A. Oschlies
Prof. R. Schneider


Expedition costs for the SFB research cruises Dr. L. Stramma
Prof. A. Körtzinger