DShip Archives

Archive Systems for DShip underway data from German research vessels


Research Vessel DShip version Time range Chief scientist affiliation Website
RV Alkor v.2,v.3 2008 - present any GEOMAR*
RV Poseidon v.2,v.3 2010 - present any GEOMAR*
RV Meteor v.2 2008 - 2017 GEOMAR GEOMAR*
RV Meteor v.2 2006 - present any BSH
RV Maria S. Merian v.2 2006 - present GEOMAR GEOMAR*
RV Maria S. Merian v.3 2006 - present any BSH
RV Sonne v.2 2005 - 2014 GEOMAR GEOMAR*
RV Sonne v.2,v.3 2004 - present any BSH
RV Polarstern   1984 - present any AWI
RV Heincke v.2,v.3 2005 - present any AWI
others     any BSH


* The link to the GEOMAR DSHIP land system is accessible from the GEOMAR intranet, for external use please contact the GEOMAR data management team datamanagement@geomar.de.